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Generate traffic, leads and sales quickly

While it can take time to achieve organic visibility, PPC (Google Ads, Bing Ads etc.) starts driving traffic the moment you switch it live. It’s also great for lead generation and sales conversion. And you can target your audience by keyword, time of day, day of the week, where they are, what device they’re using, if they’ve interacted with your website before and more. It works.

Whether you are just starting out with a local business and need to get people through your doors quickly, or if you are a B2B company that needs to increase leads in a competitive field, PPC is going to help you increase traffic to your site, generate more leads and increase sales – whatever your objective.

PPC is about laser-targeted visibility and performance. Right now.

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Benefits of PPC

  • Drive more, qualified website traffic
  • Find people who are looking for your services & products
  • Generate valuable leads
  • Drive people to optimised landing pages to gather data and turn them into new customers


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How we work

We look first at what you want to achieve, what your competitors are doing, what keywords people are using to find you or businesses like you. From this information we define short and long-term goals along with the best search strategy to meet these.

What’s key is to make sure your campaigns are performing as you expect. If you don’t pay sufficient attention, you could be overpaying for poor performance and missing out on opportunities.

Our attentive, driven and ROI-focussed Paid Search expert is always looking for ways to maximise your CTR, reduce CPC, optimising your budget, adjusting the campaign, testing the ad copy and more. He can also apply some of what he learns from testing ad copy to SEO metadata. Ultimately, it’s about making sure you’re getting the most out of every dime you spend.



Google Ads

You can trust your campaign to Prab, our PPC expert. He’s Google Ads Certified and a Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional. He has more than 10 years of experience running local, national and Pan-European campaigns across many industries from luxury goods to automotive and from physiotherapy clinics to finance.

We always start with a kick-off consultation where we ask you a lot of questions about your business and your objectives. Then we get to work to:

  • Research & analyse keywords
  • Analyse the competition
  • Create a strategy & a plan
  • Create bidding tactics to maximise visibility & conversions
  • Write ad copy
  • Target your audience with geographic & demographic ad targeting
  • Set KPIs based on your objectives
  • Report & provide insights/recommendations to improve ROI
  • Monitor & maintain the campaigns
  • Run campaign review calls with you
  • Local PPC – If you run a small local business or are just starting out, we can help you target people in your area by using a combination of local keywords, Google Map ads and geo-targeted ads.

Additional PPC Services

Depending on the size of your business, whether it’s local, national or cross-border we offer our clients additional add-on PPC services to meet your business objectives.

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Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft Advertising (Bing, Yahoo, etc.) can be an important part of your advertising strategy, providing opportunities to target specific audiences, often with lower costs. While this audience is smaller than Google, conversion rates are often higher.

Microsoft advantages:

  • Lower cost per clicks
  • Images in search ads
  • Display your ads in the right column (more visibility)
  • Voice search
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Remarketing & Targeting

If you want a second chance to convince website visitors to come back to your site to convert to a lead or sale, why not consider retargeting them?
It’s highly effective and the conversions generally cost less than other advertising channels.

We can set up remarketing campaigns on:

  • Google Ads
  • Microsoft Ads
  • Facebook
  • and more
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PPC Reviews & Audits

We can assess your existing campaign’s performance and identify where opportunities lie and provide a report with actionable recommendations.

Our audits & reviews look at things like:

  • Additional keyword opportunities
  • Competitor analysis
  • Segmentation and targeting
  • Basic account settings & structure
  • Budget distribution
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Professional Management

Knowing how to write ad copy, how to test what works and when to test are keys to success. Prab can help you with:

  • Conversion Rate Optimisation (A/B and split) testing
  • Competitor tracking
  • Cost data in Google Analytics
  • Ad copy writing & testing

Find out how we can use PPC to help you start reaching new audiences quickly.

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