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Meet ALTA Digital

Red Chevrolet Corvette model

A great digital marketing team…

With over 36 years of digital marketing experience between us, we set our partnership up in 2016 with the aim of sharing our experience and expertise. We’ve established digital Centres of Excellence – helping enterprise clients like Chevrolet and Opel succeed with digital strategies across many markets, languages and regions. But it’s not just been about the big, shiny brands. We’ve helped start-ups and smaller companies make sense of and succeed in the digital world as well.


… and a great team of like-minded freelancers

It’s our collective and it consists of highly talented people we know, trust and like – people we’ve worked with before whose work impressed us. One thing unites them all: they’re all people we can have a laugh with (we’re sure this is important for you, too). These lovely people extend our core skill sets, and allow us to offer a much more rounded set of services from WordPress design, writing, PPC, SEO to social media. It’s a list that’s growing all the time.

Alice Morgan co-founder of ALTA Digital

Alice Morgan

Content expert, linguist and communicator

As the old saying goes, you can take the girl out of advertising, but you can’t take advertising out of the girl. This is true about me – I was at DDB London for many years before throwing myself into digital in 2004. This is when I discovered how useful my linguistic skills are – for pretty much all aspects of digital, actually. I’m a creative soul, but it’s also true to say that I have a distinctly nerdy side, claiming the title of alta DIGITAL’s resident petrol head. Above all, I like to think of myself as someone who figures things out and finds creative solutions to big challenges – like defining centralised, enterprise SEO programmes that scale.

Tamara Warren co-founder of ALTA Digital

Tamara Warren

Leader, thinker and perpetual student

I guess you could say that my career has taken me from fashion to fast cars. Love blew my Toronto career in fashion PR, marketing and events off course and took me to Zurich where I got into digital marketing in the automotive sector – ironic because when I lived in Toronto I’d never even thought of owning a car. As well as becoming an early SEO adopter, I quickly found that the skills and experiences I’d built up in Canada were immensely useful when designing digital strategies, plotting out website architecture, briefing creatives and running teams. I’m the kind of person who is both inspired by and – so they say – inspires other people.

Meet our partners

Andrea Warren - Graphic Designer

Andrea Warren

Graphic designer, project coordinator

Hi, I’m Andrea and I am a communications designer. I use design to help clear the clutter and present my clients’ narrative as eloquently and clearly as possible.

I know my way around Photoshop, that’s for sure and is the reason Alice and Tamara asked me to design their logo and style guide.

Working freelance for the last few years as I balance career and family, I’ve turned my hand to pretty much anything digital. I’ve found the attention to detail that drives my design work is also pretty useful when it comes to coordinating SEO projects, organising asset libraries and much, much more. Like Tamara – who is my big sister by the way – I’m not afraid to roll up my sleeves and get stuck into whatever needs doing.

Jenny Drey, copywriter and researcher

Jenny Drey


I’m a copywriter and researcher with a serious interest in language and communication. My career has led me through the marketing departments of trade and academic publishers,  including Macdonald (Little, Brown), Dorling Kindersley, Elsevier, and Chapman & Hall (Thomson).

As an experienced freelancer I now focus on the creative aspects of the work I have grown to love – writing, editing and researching – for a range of clients in the publishing, information, and music/entertainment industries.

I am often asked to write jacket copy – for fiction, thrillers, romance, poetry, biography, or nonfiction titles – copy that has to sell the book in an instant. I also write longer form copy – brochures, press releases, website copy, blogs and more blogs, eWorkbooks, case studies, articles and white papers.

I’ve worked with alta DIGITAL for a couple of years now. All I can say is I love working with those two girly swots!

Tony Sephton - Hype London - WordPress Design

Tony Sephton

WordPress designer & developer

I’m a long-established WordPress web designer and developer. Alice says this makes me a rare find – someone who is both creative and techy, but I think it means I’m really good value to my clients – two for the price of one, if you like!

I love what I do and take particular pleasure in building websites which are highly functional and secure, but which offer real visual and creative interest.

I’ve worked with Alice and Tamara for nearly four years now, but I’ve known them for longer than that. Together, we built their first client website, for alphaSet, the Swiss real estate brokers. We’ve since gone on to collaborate on a number of other projects. I love their organised approach to site structure, SEO and content planning. What can I say? We make a good team.

Harry Atkins, Senior Web Developer, Hype London

Harry Atkins

Senior web developer

I’m not your average Englishman. For a start, I’m bilingual in French and I now live in Sweden.

I started playing around with websites when I was a child and just didn’t stop. I’m now a front-end developer and designer, working on UIs for all sorts of clients everywhere. I do a lot of work with Tony – and so by default with the alta DIGITAL team. In fact, the website you’re looking at now is one I designed with Tony for Alice and Tamara.



London brick wall

Prab Panesar

SEO & PPC practitioner

I’m a highly experienced SEM consultant who’s worked with some of the biggest names in automotive, financial services and the charity sector, helping them connect with customers all over Europe. Coming straight to the point, here are my accreditations:

  • Google Ads, Analytics & My Business
  • Google Marketing Platform
  • Google Double Click
  • Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional
  • Adobe Analytics Certified
  • Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate
  • Unbounce Academy Certified
London brick wall

Rebecca Coldicott

Social media expert

I met Tamara and Alice when I helped Chevrolet Europe to establish its social media strategy. Like the two ALTA Digital ladies – I’ve forged my own path for a while now – great for people like me who are entrepreneurially-minded, but who also have small children. I’ve done everything from e-commerce to automotive to healthcare.

But what particularly drives me is helping SMEs grow their business with social media. The work Tamara and I have done with Global Watches is a great example. I love being able not only to provide a service, but also to teach clients how to run their social media for themselves – chiming perfectly with Tamara and Alice’s ethos.

London brick wall

Christian Chistiansen

The Digital Architect

I’m a user experience strategist and information architect based in Mainz, working mainly for large digital agencies and in the realm of automotive and financial industries. I met Alice on the way to Frankfurt, so to speak, in the small town of Rüsselsheim, where the car manufacturer Opel has its main plant.  It turned out that we both worked for this client, often together – me from the agency side, Alice directly for Opel. Our close collaboration and mutual trust meant it wasn’t long before the idea came up – why not work together properly, on the same side? And that’s how I came to ALTA Digital.

My passion is to look at things entirely through the eyes of the customer, to develop ideas in such a way that they contribute to people’s everyday life. To make it easier, richer or simply more convenient. Working with others in interdisciplinary teams to create digital products which are a real enrichment for their users, that is what drives me. And what has driven me for the last 20 years. As a digital architect, I apply my expertise into mapping out user journeys, testing concepts. At page level, I’m interested structuring pages so they meet both users’ and business needs.

That’s probably what people mean today when they talk about design thinking and emphasise a customer-centric approach.

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