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Digital Strategy

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Taking a broad view for the long term

This is what digital strategy is all about and to be successful, none of the separate digital disciplines or channels should be seen in isolation. That’s because together they’re more than the sum of their individual parts, working in tandem to amplify and complement each other. We established, steered and developed the digital marketing strategy for Chevrolet Europe for ten years and are continuing to play this pivotal role for a number of clients now.

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Know where you’re going

However big or small your business is, you need to know where you’re going with your marketing. A roadmap – the backbone of your digital strategy – keeps you on track and helps you navigate the complexity and see the big picture. The upfront time this takes to do more than pays off and also helps you to define your governance strategy, too.


Our five steps to digital strategy success

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Step One: Understand

We spend time with you to understand everything about your business, your objectives and to meet key stakeholders. We come with a structured list of questions and we leave with the answers we need to take us to the next step: the audit.

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Step Two: Analyse

Our audit covers an analysis of all relevant digital properties, looking at SEO, content, all available data and UX factors – all the ingredients you need to write a digital strategy and roadmap. 

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Step Three: Formulate

With the strategy approved we turn our attention to implementation. And we start by ensuring there’s a solid foundation and hygiene factors are taken care of. If we’re looking at SEO, this will be fixing metadata, if we’re looking at UX, this will be ensuring there’s a smooth flow that enables users to move through your website and convert.

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Step Four: Implement

Once the foundation’s in place, we can start to introduce more advanced tactics from the strategy. We know it’s never possible to do everything at once, so we prioritise and work with you to understand what’s do-able and what needs to wait. We’re ambitious, but we’re also pragmatic. We’ve been the clients too.


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Step Five: Sustain

Once the key milestones of the strategy are in place, we switch to sustain, or business as usual. A rhythm emerges, and work revolves around data analysis and reporting. We monitor performance vs the KPIs we agreed with you at the beginning and – working in partnership with you – we continue to develop the strategy with fresh ideas and continued support.

The time invested in defining a digital strategy pays dividends.


To find out more about how we can help you establish strong digital strategy, drop us a note.

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