Getting on the right digital footing can be challenging. Many businesses don’t know where to start.

We apply a structured, logical approach. No matter what the size of the company, how different the challenges are and what the budgetary and resource constraints look like, it works because it’s simple and effective. The clear steps help to build trust and common understanding. And above all, it gets projects off the ground fast.

Step One

From audit to strategy

It all starts with a kick-off workshop. We spend time with you to understand everything about your business, your objectives, meet relevant stakeholders and immerse ourselves in what you do. We come with a structured list of questions to guide us through and we leave with the information we need to take us to the next step: the audit.

Our audit covers an analysis of your digital properties, looking at your SEO, your content, all available data, UX and user journey status and more besides. From here, we’re then able to write your digital strategy – the roadmap you need to get you where you want to be.

We’re charismatic and enthusiastic about what we do, but we also love process , governance and structure, which are woven into our strategy documents.

Step Two

From foundation to ramp-up

With the strategy approved and with everyone on board, we then turn our attention to executing it. And we start by ensuring there’s a solid foundation in place without which the strategy can’t develop. This means we ensure the essential hygiene factors are in place. If we’re looking at SEO, this will be fixing meta data, if we’re looking at UX, this will be ensuring there’s a smooth flow that enables users to move through your website and convert.

Once the foundation’s in place, we can start to introduce more advanced tactics from the strategy. We know it’s never possible to do everything at once, so we prioritise and work with you to understand what’s do-able and what needs to wait. We’re ambitious, but we’re also pragmatic. We’ve been the clients too.

Step Three

To running mode

Once the key milestones of the strategy are in place, we switch to what we call running mode, or business as usual. A rhythm emerges and work revolves around data analysis and reporting. We monitor performance vs the KPIs we agreed with you at the beginning and – working in partnership with our clients – we continue to develop the strategy with fresh ideas and continued support.