ALTA Digital Clients: Our Partners

Since we set up at the end of 2016, we’ve worked with a number of clients of different sizes, from different verticals. But one thing unites them all: lack of in-house resource and/or expertise to execute. And that’s where we’ve stepped in. It’s a formula that works.

alphaSet Real Estate Brokers


alphaSet real estate broker logo


The team at Mayfield Property in Zurich contacted us at ALTA Digital and said they needed a new website for a business they had just acquired. Not only that, they needed the complete CI package: logo, style guide and print material. In time for a real estate trade fair in Munich in four weeks time. In two languages – English and German. No problem, we said. We helped the client define their objectives from which point we were then able to set all the elements in train.

The completed website wasn’t just live in time for the all-important event, it was also fully optimised for search and the alphaSet/Mayfield representatives were able to hand out beautiful business cards. We followed up with a stunning flyer and feel we played an important role in putting this business on the map and the results speak for themselves.

Opel Vauxhall Europe

Opel logo


Alice’s partnership with Opel started back in 2009 and continues to this day, albeit on a less intensive footing to allow time to devote to other and new clients as part of the new ALTA Digital partnership.

Over the years, Alice led Opel’s Europe-wide SEO program, steering the strategy year-on-year with pragmatic solutions that have firmly established the brand’s search engine visibility, which has grown consistently. And because the topics are so closely related, Alice has also been been the brand’s principle content strategist, advising on all aspects of content from editorial principles to user experience and messaging – and has spent the last three years working on one of the most ambitious website projects ever undertaken by an automotive brand.

This project – called Quantum – saw a complete redesign of Opel websites across Europe and is a scalable solution that is not only more efficient than what it replaced, it’s ready for the future. We were overjoyed when the project won a prestigious Red Dot award for communication design and Sandra Cameron – Head of Digital Marketing – was kind enough to give us a mention.

Alice is still on hand for the digital team as it transitions to PSA.


Netcentric logo


Netcentric is a tech company which – through its custom solutions and expertise – ensures that their clients unleash the potential of the Adobe Marketing Cloud so they’re ready for digital transformation. Netcentric started a re-branding exercise towards the end of 2016, which included the launch of a new website, brand strategy and more..

ALTA Digital supported Netcentric with content creation and editorial stewardship (completed under intense time pressure) and brand strategy support.

Over the last year, ALTA Digital has helped Netcentric with its brand and helped to define a marketing strategy, which they are now enacting. We created a lot of content to help get this off the ground. Alongside the many blogs we wrote on a vast array of topics, we also produced two testimonial videos featuring their clients at Liberty Global. We handled everything from finding exactly the right director in Amsterdam to defining the storyline, writing the storyboards and scripts, coaching the two protagonists before and during the shoot and in selecting the best takes to make sure the story got through in the final edit.

It helps enormously that – through our long association with GM – we are familiar with Adobe and the capabilities of its suite of digital tools. We’ve been able to help Netcentric tell its story.

Dynamic Greens

Dynamic Greens logo

Dynamic Greens a family-run company in Canada which sells the flash-frozen wheatgrass juice it produces to thousands of customers all over North America. They approached ALTA Digital because they realised – as is the case for many small-to-medium sized businesses – that they needed to free up the time they spend on digital marketing and focus it better on their commercial development. They knew they needed to outsource.

ALTA Digital is working with Dynamic Greens to establish clear, targeted approach to its digital presence by re-evaluating the available content and SEO to develop a clear, sustainable digital strategy that will support the brand as it grows and expands.

Global Watches

Global Watches logo


When Ramon Calliste – Global Watches’ founder and Managing Director – approached ALTA Digital in October 2016, it was clear he needed help. While he is an undisputed expert on watches, he knew that the fact that he didn’t know enough about digital meant he knew he was being given bad service and out of date advice by his then digital agency, but he wasn’t able to critically evaluate it. He did know he was wasting money and opportunity, though. ALTA Digital took the project over, developed a clear strategy and then project managed – end-to-end –the launch of a brand new e-ecommerce website.

ALTA has also been educating and training Ramon and his team so they can become more and more self-sufficient and – yes – less dependent on our services. It’s true to say that Ramon and his team are now able to evaluate proposals and advice from third parties with a better understanding of what’s good and what’s not. ALTA supports Global Watches on an ad hoc basis now.

Dreamin’ Desserts


Dreamin' Desserts logo

Another of ALTA Digital’s North American clients, Dreamin’ Desserts is an Oregon-based creator of stunning celebration cakes and confectionary – everything from custom-designed wedding cakes to corporate gifts. ALTA Digital has been partnering this brand for several years now and – by adopting a data-driven approach to content development and SEO, has helped it grow.

Southfields Lawn Tennis Club



Southfields Lawn Tennis Club logo


Southfields Lawn Tennis Club is situated in a part of South West London where tennis is part of the local culture – about 1.5 km from the world-famous All England Club in Wimbledon. Competition between local tennis clubs for members is fierce. With a large investment in new courts to sustain, the club needs to keep attracting new members. It wasn’t. When the initial audit was complete, it was clear that the digital strategy needed to be overhauled – starting with a new website, SEO strategy and brand new content. Once this was put in place, attention could focus on other aspects, like social media and PR.

Since the work started, membership has grown steadily and the club’s future looks more secure.

Editorial work

From time to time, we also work with agencies – helping them deliver content and SEO-specific services to their clients. Over the last twelve months, we have played a pivotal role in the development of editorial guidelines, content origination and transcreation for the Cadillac and Corvette brands in Europe. We have also supported Leicester-based digital agency, Cite, with content marketing strategies for their client, Continental Tyres UK.

Cadillac logo


Chevrolet logo


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